Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Post Cards from Around the World


Welcome to my first edition of posts! During my posts I will show you all the valid postcards I receive from People around the world! For my collection , a valid postcard means the typical 7 x 5 or 6 x 4 view card with the message and a stamp :)

Calgary Canada - Bubbles

A little bit of History I got this card in 2008 from my dear friend Bubbles! She asked me to send her a card from Malta and she sent me this card in return! I have kept this card in my drawer since the beginning of the month where I decided to start collecting postcard seriously. Of course I had couple of others! So let me take you the tour of the postcards I had before taking the collection seriously :) 

Albert region - Canada from Bubbles :)
Then I got the second card from Bubbles ! Which is the lovely card from her region! Maybe it is not clear but this is a dinosaur site :) Loads of remains where found here :) 
Canadian Mountain Police - Canada Bubbs

And my 3rd card from Bubbs was this lovely card of the Canadian Mountain Police! Cool is it?

Kymahobo - Maedonia - Dejan

 Then my friend Dejan from Macedonia sent me this lovely card from his city KYMAHOBO :)

Iceland - Claude :) 

Then in July 2009 I have received this card from Iceland :) My friend Claude went there and he sent it to me :) I am happy about it ! Such a wonderful pic!

Zakopane - Poland  - Claude
Then in September 2009 Claude went to Poland ... Zakopane and sent me this card :)

Mioveni - Romania  

Then a friend of mine sent me this postcard of Mioveni! From the card seems to be a wonderful place to visit!

North Wales Map- United Kingdom - Tiffany

Then my friend Tiffany sent me this card from Wales when she was working in the UK! Tif yes your part of the collection :)

So Part 1 - the Pre-collection is done! I will post more postcard that I have received this month :)

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